Its soul talk time, from one friend to the other.

Life and its challenges and the grit of the women to handle it all ; the joys and the triumphs; the everyday lows and then the shimmering glows … everything gets packed into a women’s life in the span of mere 24 hours. Who does she express her feelings to? Whom can she lean on to? Who is the one that will feel the same gush of happiness as she feels.. a twinkle in her eye and her friends know!!  And therefore the brunches with this close circle of friends becomes a must. A few hours where you can be yourself again, without restraint, with freedom, you are the girl again!

Adorned with the latest trends be it a bag or a pair of shades or for that matter that lovely stilettoes each of one of us endorse fashion and the glamour quotient behind with internationally loved brands. Today, as we progressively move towards reigning competition and scaling success.. these brunches are increasingly becoming a must for individuals who are running against time.

So, unwinding in a classy style is the talk of the day. Laughter and gaiety, food and fun comes wrapped with scarves from Hermes, shoes from Louboutin, shades from Chanel and bags from Dior.

It is the time to make Afternoon statements!!