Luxury darlings deserve a SPA too!

Walking down the streets, spotted at parties, placed on tables, splurging at brunches, carrying your makeup, laying in the closet- are just a few places where your Louis Vuitton bag, Michael Kors wallet, Paul Smith shoes or  Gucci sling have strolled with you.

It’s time to give them a makeover, – a luxury Spa. Yes, your luxury darlings deserve a Spa too! Be it a Classic Chanel flap bag or a pair of Jimmy Choo heels, after a few uses they require to be cleaned and polished. With products so dearly priced, it is imperative to ensure they look their worth even after using it for a few months. This is where a professional Spa team steps in to give them a fresh look.

DuaVivo, an online and offline 100% original pre-owned luxury store provides this special facility to luxury lovers. Understanding the beautiful history behind each brand, every product should treated like a baby. Only certain chemicals should be used to Spa these products as they are made from pure leather, canvas, etc. Italy, the birthplace of these luxury brand, is known to manufacture those specific cleansing chemicals that are certified for these materials. Specially made for these luxury darlings, these cleaning agents extract layers of dirt in the deepest corner and add a fresh breath of life to these timepieces.  To make it look as good as new a product goes through the following basic process: cleansing, conditioning and preserving

For example, to Spa a Louis Vuitton Leather bag – first-  the inner lining, handles, the leather, pockets, zips, metal hardware, flap, front, gusset, base are all cleansed thoroughly. Extra attention is paid to the inner lining as they are prone to odour and accumulated dust.  Now, the hygienic bag steps into being conditioned. This is required to make the leather “supple” again (soft and fresh). After several uses the leather usually becomes dry and hard, therefore this vital step, conditions and rejuvenates it. Followed by the preservation stage, a protective layer is formed to prevent it from dust and foreign particles settling, for a long time.

However, a canvas material goes through a slightly different process. A mild soap water base is used to remove the stains on its interior and exterior portion. Letting it dry naturally, it transforms into its natural self.

Products with such great value need to be taken care of and handled gently. It is vital to ensure that the products are stored in their dust bags as it prevents them from moisture and hidden dirt. Also, to avoid the bag or shoe from losing its shape, one can stuff it with butter paper. 

Knowing they have a good resale value, its condition makes it in an important deciding factor for buyers. When a Client shops for these luxury darlings, their prime concern is its condition. Buyers look at the sole of the shoe, the inside pockets of the wallet, the metal hardware, the strap of the sling bags, etc. Therefore, every product should be thoroughly cleaned and maintained well.

Like the human body requires special attention towards hygiene, so do these handcrafted pieces. It gives them a new avatar and also one feels good wearing/carrying it.



The DuaSpa services are here, serving all parts of the country. The tariffs include:

1. Flat fee of Rs. 1,000 for each product

2. Courier/ logistics cost: As per actuals

3. DuaSpa packaging: Free.


Reach out to us and avail these truly refreshing and thorough services by calling +91 7676 10 4444.