With the beautiful Indian monsoon making its presence felt. Mother Nature has put on this beautiful hue of green bringing in a season of joy and gaiety for most of us.

It’s time to have a relook at brighter colour wardrobes to swing in with the monsoon.

It is also time to set our shoe quotient right! Beautiful feet do require  beautiful shoes or pumps or stilettoes! Dainty feet brings in a confident stride. It gives one the elegant edge over others as far as making a presence in the office, class or group is concerned. It  tells a lot about one’s personality.

Prim and proper pumps from Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci or for that matter from Dolce & Gabbana makes  quite  a style statement. Heels from Jimmy Choo and Gucci takes you to the limelight immediately. Or simple Loafers from Louis vUitton brings in the super comfort factor to your stride.

Wear the pumps , pair it with a pair of smart skirt and jacket ..feel the confidence..taking on meeting or doing impactful presentations will leave a mark on the audience.

If its got to be elegant heels , pair it with a flowery dress or a traditional do and stand eons ahead of the gang. The beauty of slipping into these beautiful shoes is to have a clean feet and well polished nails.

And if you are out in this beautiful climate nothing to beat the comfort of the Loafers. Walk around, jump in joy , be assured your feet are taken care of in the comfort of the loafers.

Whatever you are , your shoe must do the talking …without even uttering a word !